What Services Does Hospice Provide?

What do you do, when you learn that a family member’s medical condition will not improve? There is no cure, treatments are no longer effective, and normally simple aspects of daily life become more complicated. You face challenges every day, in order to accomplish things most people take for granted, and it can be difficult to know where to turn.

For example, how does your loved one, who might suffer from limited mobility, get to the doctor’s office? Hospice solves this problem by sending nurses to regularly visit your loved one in their own home, and by arranging for a doctor to make house calls. Healthcare comes to the patient, making life easier for both you and your loved one.

Then there are the issues that you don’t think about, until a serious illness or disability strikes. How will you get medications or special equipment? Hospice care arranges all of that for you. Prescriptions are ordered and delivered to your loved one in a timely manner. The need for special equipment, such as oxygen or hospital beds, is anticipated. Those items are ordered and delivered for you. Hospice offers overall medical management, so that you don’t have to piece together services, medications, equpiment and appointments on your own.

However, Hospice also offers support to you, the primary caregiver, and your family members. If you have a question or concern, someone is always available by phone. If Hospice can’t answer your question, a nurse is dispatched to check on your loved one. Hospice also provide emotional and spiritual support during this difficult time, and a full year of bereavement support to your family when that time comes.

Hospice offers a full range of services, provided by knowledgeable, experienced professionals who truly care about their patients and families. For more information on the specific services provided by Hospice care, call us and we will be happy to explain how the process works. Or, watch our video below for a more in-depth explanation.

What Services Does Hospice Provide? from Hospice of the Valleys on Vimeo.

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