Marta Sarver-Martinez, R.N., CHPN, Administrator/Director of Nursing

Leslee B. Cochrane, M.D. - Executive Medical Director

Paul Mathias, Chief Financial Officer


Board President

Mark Lobb
Partner, Lobb & Plewe, LLP

Board Vice President

Anthony Christopher
Chief Warrant Officer-5, United States Marine Corps/Retired

Board Secretary

Catherine Pepe
Temecula Olive Oil Company – Co-owner

Board Treasurer

Carlos “Tony” Caceres
Financial Advisor, CUSO/Mission Federal

Board Member

John Byrne, D.O.

Rob Crisell
Murrieta Valley Unified School District - Author/Teacher

Dianna Juengst Hunt
Attorney, Law Office of Dianna Juengst Hunt

Gillian Larson
Reality Rally Inc. - Founder, President

Tate Parker
Nothing Bundt Cakes, Owner


Director of Spiritual Care

Lynn Euzenas, Ph.D., M.Div.

Director of Social Services

Celeste Preble

Compliance Manager

Erica Sharp

Director of Development

Gina O’Bryant

Director of Community Relations

Kristi Necochea

Nursing Supervisors

Valerie Dinis, R.N.

Dana Rosales, R.N., CHPN

Erica Sharp, R.N., CHPN

Community Liaison

Caroline Rath

Office Manager

Machele Lupton

Volunteer Manager

Chrisy Lawless

Friends at Hospice of the Valleys

Dr. Leslee Cochrane - Hospice of the Valleys

Leslee B. Cochrane , M.D. - Executive Medical Director

Hi, I’m Dr. Leslee Cochrane and I’m honored to be the Executive Medical Director at Hospice of the Valleys where I have been actively caring for hospice patients since 2011. I am Board Certified in Family Medicine with an additional Board Certification in Hospice and Palliative Care. My full-time focus and commitment is centered on helping our patients and their families answer difficult questions and find solutions to the challenges that they are facing. Hospice of the Valleys is a nonprofit hospice governed by a board of directors made up of local community members. Being a nonprofit hospice allows me the freedom to focus on providing patient centered care. Most people that work in hospice will say it’s a calling and I firmly believe that it is. Along with my passion about hospice care, I am deeply committed to my family and when not working, we enjoy hiking and the great outdoors together.


Stephen Ryder , M.D. - Hospice Physician

My entry into hospice is a little unique. My name is Stephen Ryder and I’m
Associate Medical Director at Hospice of the Valleys. In 2010 I retired from Kaiser Ohio as an Internal Medicine, Hospitalist. I had the pleasure of working with hospice in the hospital setting when patients would discharge from the hospital onto hospice care. I was intrigued by the team approach to care - how social work, nursing, spiritual care and the physician would work together. It was clear that I was a member of a team working to care for our patients and families to relieve the symptoms associated with their condition. Since 2012 I’ve been part of the Hospice of the Valleys’ team and am very glad that I am. When I’m not working you can often find me with my wife tending to our small vineyard or hanging out with our kids and grandchildren.


Marta Sarver-Martinez

Imagine being able to grow and mentor a group of compassionate and talented nurses who help patients and families during a challenging and vulnerable time. Hi, I’m Marta, Director of Nursing and Administrator at Hospice of the Valleys. Since 1995 I’ve been working as a hospice nurse, and since 2003 I’ve been blessed to be at Hospice of the Valleys. Working for a nonprofit hospice allows my team and me to spend quality one-on-one time with our patients and their families. Working as a hospice nurse feeds my soul; however, anytime I can get all my kids home for a family gathering, I am one happy momma!



My name is René and I’m the Intake Coordinator at Hospice of the Valleys. I’m a licensed vocational nurse, and more than likely I will be one of the first people you speak with when calling our office. I feel blessed to work in hospice. It makes me feel good to know I’m helping people and taking a little bit of stress away during a stressful and emotional time. I’ve been with Hospice of the Valleys since 2005 and what I love most about my job are my compassionate co-workers and the feeling of fulfillment I get every day at work. I love the beach, country music and a good cup of coffee!



Hi I’m Valerie, Admissions Supervisor, at Hospice of the Valleys. I might be one of the first Hospice of the Valleys faces you’ll see. When I come to the home, wherever home may be, I’ll explain the hospice benefit and how we can help. If the patient is eligible and decides they’d like Hospice of the Valleys, I will start the process of hospice care. My Grandma worked in hospice, my Mom worked in hospice, and I became a nurse in 2006. I’ve worked with Hospice of the Valleys since 2014, so you can kind of say it’s a generational thing. I was born to do this work. My family brings me so much joy as does Boyz to Men and a Lakers win!



Since 2009 I’ve been working at Hospice of the Valleys and I continue to be amazed with the quality, caring people I get to work with. My name is Dana and I am the Triage/LVN Supervisor at Hospice of the Valleys. I work with an amazing team of RN’s and LVN’s who work to help our patients and families with their needs. Our triage team of nurses will provide instructional care and support over the phone or we’ll send our team of highly skilled LVN and RN’s directly to your home. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can often find me riding on the local bike paths while listening to my favorite group, Duran Duran.



Hello, my name is Erica, Case Manager Supervisor. I became a Case Manager RN in 2004 and have been working at Hospice of the Valleys since 2011. I love my job and the wonderful Case Managers I get to mentor. Each patient is assigned a Case Manager RN that manages and coordinates the patient’s care with our physician. I think I speak for all of our nurses when I say being a hospice nurse is a calling, we are meant to do this work. We are blessed to be able to walk alongside our patients and families to provide help and hope. My newest passion is being Grandma to the most wonderful baby boy.



Since 2000 I have been providing personal care to our patients. Hi, I’m Dora the Home Health Aide Lead at Hospice of the Valleys. I help patients that up until now have been independent. I slowly gain their trust, sometimes by just putting lotion on their hands and arms. With dignity and respect, I gradually build a relationship so that they feel comfortable letting me assist them with personal care, if they should need it. I’m here to help them and make them laugh and feel cared for. Caring for our patients is a gift and blessing to me and I know all of our home health aides feel the same way. I love my job. I also love reading, my family, grandkids and dogs!



Working as a team is what makes my job so rewarding. Hi, I’m Celeste, Director of Social Services, and I’ve been with Hospice of the Valleys since 2001. The team aspect of hospice care is what I think makes it so effective. Each patient is assigned a physician, RN case manager, social worker and offered a home health aide, spiritual care, and volunteer that work as a cohesive care team to meet the needs of our patients and families. Social work addresses the psycho-social needs of those we care for. We work with our team to help identify what is most important to patients and families. Sometimes we play a large role and other times, not so much. It’s really driven by what the patients and families want and need. When I’m not working, I enjoy reading and have found a renewed interest in jigsaw puzzles!



Hello, I’m Lynn Euzenas, Ph.D, and since 2003 I’ve been the Director of Spiritual Care at Hospice of the Valleys. I’m blessed to work with an incredibly caring group of people that have a passion for caring, healing and love at the end of life. It’s a privilege to work as part of a dedicated team which recognizes care for the whole person. Each person we care for has a unique and beautiful spirit that needs support and love, and if the patient and family would like, we’re here to walk with them during their end of life journey. Recently, I’ve become a wicked fan of British detective shows and am an enthusiastic, bad blues guitarist.



Hi I’m Chrisy, Volunteer Manager at Hospice of the Valleys. I’ve worked here since 2009 and I can honestly say I have one of the best jobs! I get to work with the most amazing people who generously give of their talents and selflessly give of their time. Volunteers are literally the heart and soul of a nonprofit. They offer talents in the office, Veteran to Veteran support, fundraisers and events, and patient interaction, and much, much more! We have over 70 volunteers in the Hospice of the Valleys’ volunteer family and we couldn’t do what we do without them. My family loves the outdoors, we even camp on Thanksgiving!



Hi I’m Kristi, Director of Community Relations. I’ve been with Hospice of the Valleys since 2011 and feel incredibly blessed to work with such a tremendously talented group of clinicians that are experts at end of life care. I really think that local, nonprofit hospice care makes a difference. We’re part of the community, caring for our patients like we would care for our family. I can’t imagine working anywhere else. However, when I’m not working, I enjoy family time, walking our dogs and Lake Tahoe!



As someone who experienced hospice first hand with Hospice of the Valleys, it brings me joy to know I am sharing how we can help to a patient and family who are going through an end of life condition. Hi I’m Cari, Hospice and Community Resource Provider. I have the pleasure of meeting with families when they are making the decision on whether Hospice of the Valleys would be the right fit for them. I can speak from personal experience because my father was cared for by Hospice of the Valleys and hopefully I make a potentially scary situation less stressful for the people I meet. I love spending time with my husband and three boys. To me, family is everything!

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