End of Life Planning

Signing Last Will and Testament

The Power of Planning (Wills and Trusts)

We’ve all heard stories of bereaved relatives, surprised by a strange Last Will and Testament scribbled on a sheet of notebook paper, tucked into a random drawer somewhere in the house. Over the years, these stories surface to amuse us (due to the lack of planning and surprise of relatives who discover they have inherited […]

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Statuette of Themis - goddess of justice on lawyer's desk

The Power of a Power of Attorney

Establishing a Power of Attorney can be a confusing process, but creating this legal document is essential to ensure that your future medical care will fall in line with your wishes. Once you have chosen a trusted relative or friend to entrust with your future decisions, you might be wondering exactly what this person will […]

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Gavel and Stethoscope on Gradated Background with Selective Focus.

The Importance of a Health Care Directive

Even though death is a very natural, inevitable part of life, we are often reluctant to think about it. Due to that reluctance, many of us fail to plan for end-of life issues. However, leaving everything up in the air is a big risk to take! If you take the time to prepare an Advance […]

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