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Illustration of the thought processes in the brain

Symptoms of Dementia Might Vary According to Type

When you think of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease probably leaps to mind. After all, 8 out of 10 patients with dementia do indeed present with Alzheimer’s. However, there are other types of dementia that can strike as we age, and the progression of the disease might different significantly from Alzheimer’s. Remember that when we talk about […]

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3d rendering of human brain on technology background represent artificial intelligence and cyber space concept

The Truth About Dementia

You probably understand that heart disease is a disease of the heart. There is something physically wrong, caused by a combination of genetics, environment, and lifestyle, that damages a person’s heart and causes it to become unhealthy. Like heart disease, dementia is also a degenerative disease. Yet, most people believe that dementia is a mental […]

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Wife Comforting Senior Husband Suffering With Dementia

Dementia and Hospice Care

Dementia is often a difficult topic to discuss, because it’s technically a collective term that denotes symptoms of over 70 different medical conditions. Dementia refers to a set of behaviors which can show up in many elderly and chronically ill patients, making it a common scenario that we encounter. And yet, the signs and symptoms […]

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