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Daughter Helping Senior Mother To Use Walking Frame

7 Tips to Prepare for a Productive Check-Up

Most Medicare and Medi-Cal patients are eligible for free annual wellness exams. These check-ups are important, as health conditions that are detected early are usually much easier to treat. Plus, seeking regular preventive care can actually help to ward off the development of many serious diseases. It’s important to take your loved one to the […]

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elderly falling in bathroom because slippery surfaces

How to Keep Your Loved One Safe at Home

If you’re caring for an older loved one, you might be undertaking this task in their home, or in yours. Either way, it is likely that the house is not already set up for caretaking duties of this magnitude. The design of most homes does not take into account the tasks and responsibilities you face […]

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Group of Diverse Multiethnic People Teamwork

7 Reasons Why Caregivers Should Consider Joining a Support Group

As a caregiver, you have probably been reminded many times that you must make the time to take care of yourself, too. After all, if you aren’t healthy, then taking care of another person becomes nearly impossible. But it might feel as though you’ve simply been issued another assignment, just one more task to cram […]

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Elderly woman in wheelchair and hospice helper

How to Choose a Caregiver Agency

If you’re providing care to an elderly or sick loved one, at some point you will consider hiring help. It might be because you need to work a full time job, or maybe you just need backup on the weekends. Whatever your reasons, choosing a caregiver can be a complicated decision. You want to hire […]

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Senior woman with her caregiver at home

6 Tips for Avoiding Caregiver Burnout: Is it Time to Ask for Help?

For months, or maybe years now, you’ve served as the primary caregiver for an elderly or sick loved one. But at some point, you begin to notice signs of caregiver burnout: You’re stressed, depressed, lonely, or even getting sick yourself. It’s time to take the right steps toward taking care of yourself, so that you […]

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Friendly Care Assistant helping elderly man in wheelchair

6 Signs of Caregiver Burnout

When we were all babies, our parents devoted themselves to taking care of us. But at some point later in life, that role often reverses, with children taking care of aging or sick parents. Just as parents of small children often feel overwhelmed and say that they need a break, caring for an older relative […]

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